Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Specialist

Suite 200 Med Spa

Thomas Lanchoney, MD

Medical Aesthetics Provider located in Bryn Mawr, PA

Numerous factors can cause early aging and discoloration of the skin. No matter the cause, our Certified Laser Technician and Licensed Aesthetician at Suite 200 Med Spa is pleased to offer effective, minimally invasive Icon laser therapy, helping residents of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area to improve their skin’s overall appearance.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Q & A

What causes early skin aging?

All skin changes over time but lifestyle habits and genetics can cause faster aging of the skin. Dark spots — often called age or sun spots — and other darkened skin patches can become more apparent in response to sun exposure and tanning because your skin absorbs ultraviolet rays. UV rays also make wrinkles more likely and pronounced.

How can lasers help?

Our Licensed Aesthetician uses the Icon laser system to safely and quickly lighten and minimize age spots, wrinkles and acne scarring without intense pain or the need for lengthy recovery time. As the device moves over your skin, the body absorbs the energy from the light beams. This activates your immune system, encouraging the production of new skin cells and tissue. As the area heals the targeted spots fade away, revealing clearer more radiant skin. The Icon laser can be used on most skin types and is safe to use on even your most sensitive areas.

What are sessions like?

During your treatment, our Licensed Aesthetician moves the laser device over specific skin areas while you rest comfortably and awake. The length of Icon laser sessions varies, but each session typically lasts no longer than 60 minutes. You can decide whether you’d like multiple skin complaints addressed at once or in separate, successive sessions. Most patients don’t find laser treatments for brown spot reduction painful, often comparing the sensation to that of a rubber band snapping against the skin.

How will I feel after my treatment?

While severe side effects are rare, you may experience a sunburn-like sensation, redness or minor swelling after your laser session. You may also experience crusting, itching or soreness. Our Licensed Aesthetician may apply a topical anesthetic to prevent or relieve discomfort. Because the procedure is non-invasive, you can return to your daily life without interruption immediately after your treatment.

*Individual Results May Vary