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Thomas Lanchoney, MD

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SculpSure® is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment to reduce fat in the abdomen, love handles, back and thighs. Suite 200 Med Spa offers Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania patients the chance to finally target that stubborn fat that diet and exercise don't seem to reduce.

SculpSure Q & A

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-surgical method of fat reduction. SculpSure can reduce stubborn deposits of fat from areas like the belly, the love handles, and other areas where fat tends to accumulate, with the use of a powerful non-invasive laser. The SculpSure treatment can target as much as 24% of fat cells in the treatment area with a single session.

How long does a SculpSure treatment take?

SculpSure treatment sessions last only 25 minutes per treatment area.

How many SculpSure treatment sessions are needed to get results?

Most patients get results after just one SculpSure treatment. Some patients may wish to further refine their appearance and achieve even more contouring with further sessions. Dr. Lanchoney will work with each patient to design a SculpSure treatment plan that will achieve their desired results.

Who is the SculpSure procedure right for?

The SculpSure procedure works best for patients who have stubborn pockets of fat, especially the type of problem areas that just don't respond to diets and exercise.

SculpSure candidates should be either at their ideal weight or within close range of it.

The procedure works best for patients who have good skin tone. Loose skin can't be corrected with SculpSure, so having good skin elasticity is important.

What happens during the SculpSure treatment session?

Patients will lay comfortably on the treatment table while a series of four paddles are affixed to the fat deposits.

As the laser energy is delivered, patients may experience a mild tingling sensation at times.

The laser harmlessly goes through to the skin to the fat layer where it damages, or disrupts the fat cells, causing the release of the cell contents. Over the next few weeks, these damaged cells will be flushed from the body naturally.

The treatment is generally quite well tolerated and causes no pain. In just 25 minutes, the treatment is complete.

How long does it take to get results from SculpSure?

Most patients begin to notice results at around the 6-week mark. The fat will continue to exit the body over the coming months. The best results are typically observed at about 12 weeks post treatment.

*Individual Results May Vary

What type of aftercare is needed?

SculpSure requires no special aftercare, and no downtime is needed. The treatment can even be done during your lunch break.

*Individual Results May Vary